Policies and Procedures

28 Sep

Hope to see you at the horse sale on Saturday, October 5, 2013!

mini horse with sunglasses

If you are planning to bring a horse, bring any registration papers and/or current coggins. We can fill out paperwork when you get to the sale barn (preferably before 11 a.m.).

If you do not have a current coggins (within a year of sale date), we have a vet on premises that will pull blood after the horse sells ($25 fee).

A halter and lead rope will need to go with your horse. Horses sell better when they are groomed and shown at their best. Please ride or drive them through the auction ring if possible. We can arrange for someone to ride your horse if necessary, but you will need to bring tack with you.

If your horse does not bring your reserve price, all you need to say is “No Sale” while in the auction ring. You would then be responsible for paying the $30 consignment fee before taking your horse back home.

Horse Consignment Fee: $30

Coggins Fee: $25

Horse Commission: 6%

Hay/Straw Consignment Fee: $10 per lot

Hay/Straw Commission: 65

Machinery Commission: 6%

Used Tack Commission: 20%

Checks can be picked up the day of the sale as long as all paperwork is in order. Otherwise, checks will be mailed the week after the sale.

Please call with any questions.


LaRue Horse and Tack Sale

1059 Richwood LaRue Road

LaRue, OH 43332


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